Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogrolling May Be On The Way Out

QUICK UPDATE: I just spent half an hour or so Saving all the Blogrolling 'Add/Edit Links' pages.  (my plans are to cut and paste the actual blog links later, using the local copies of those pages)  When I displayed some of the saved pages in Open Office's Writer, I noticed that on every page there were one or two blog links displayed in Writer that DID NOT SHOW UP when displaying the Blogrolling web page directly.  Apparently Blogrolling had a bug all this time that no one ever noticed, or at least no one ever tried to fix.  You might want to double check that you get everything while extracting your blog links from Blogrolling.  gack!

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Hi, all.  This is The Food Source with a quick note.

Lots of us use Blogrolling to maintain our blog rolls.  You probably noticed that some browsers (Chrome, for one) has been reporting security warnings recently, claiming Blogrolling is malware.  I checking into that a little bit today, and found this at http://status.blogrolling.com/:

We’re aware that there is an issue with BlogRolling blogrolls causing some browsers to display a security warning.
There’s nothing really wrong with BlogRolling itself but the way we connect your blog to the sites in your blogroll makes some security algorithms think there is. 
If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you remove the Blogrolling code from your site.
We’re probably going to be shutting the service down soon.  We’ll post more information here and on our Twitter account (@blogrolling) as we decide on next steps.
We’re hoping we can give you enough time to get any data you need out of your blogrolling account before we shut down, but if you really need that data, you might want to get it now just in case.
Why aren’t we just fixing it and letting you continue using the service?
BlogRolling has largely been on auto-pilot for the last six months or so. The people who built it for us don’t work for us anymore. Even though it doesn’t make us any money, we wanted to keep it running because we know folks like it.  But we’re not really comfortable with the code causing security warnings and that means it’s probably time for the service to end.
Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for more details in the next few days.

So if you are using Blogrolling, you probably want to start making plans to bail out of it.

Remember: A word to the wise is superfluous.


KC said...

Very interesting. Fanks so much fur letting the Cat Blogosphere know about this.
I's posted it on the CB fur today's noos.
Love & Purrs,

Nikita Cat said...

Thank U so much for this alert!

Daddy has been using them since the beginning, in 2004, and just went, and did a Copy & Paste to documents of all 10 of his blogrolls, covering hundreds of sites on his 2 blogs, and my blog.

I know it may be time consuming, but IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you save, or print out, your Blog Rolls BEFORE they close the site.

Why? Because they may not give advance word, or you may not hear of it in time, if they did.

Nikita Cat said...

I checked my copy & pastes, and found that on several of them I had to go back to blogrolling to pick up anywhere from 1 to 3 links that didn't get picked up.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Don't they have an export function? We should be able to export the lists and look at them in Notepad. Thanks for the heads-up!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Don't they have an export function? We should be able to export the lists and look at them in Notepad. Thanks for the heads-up!

1389 said...

AFAIK, BlogRolling has no export function. Here's my take on what to do about this situation:

What Happened to BlogRolling?

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Can I link to this post please?