Saturday, January 26, 2013

Billy White Shoes is out of his cage

Hi, everyone and everykittie.  We didn't realize that it was more than a month since we posted anything.

Billy White Shoes went to the V*T yesterday, some because it was about to the time we were supposed to schedule a visit, and some because I was starting to get tired of spending half an hour every evening trying to catch Billy to put him back into his cage.

Dr. Van Zee checked Billy out a little, and decided Billy was healing fine, and I could just let him run around loose with the rest of the crew.

So, Billy White Shoes is now out of his cage, although I intend to keep an eye on him for a while yet.  I've got a lot of money invested in Billy's leg -- I want to protect the investment. :-)

A big thank you to Dr. Merlin Van Zee and the staff at the Summer Street Animal Clinic for their care and skill.