Monday, September 9, 2013

Kitten update

Updating the kitten status.  I didn't realize it I left things hanging so long.

After the first three disappeared, I started taking the last two into the house in the evening whether Calleigh was around or not.  She was a decent mother kittie, but obviously had trouble defending against whatever grabbed those kittens.

For about a week, that went fine.  Then one day I was a little late collecting the kittens.  It was about dusk when I went down to the utility room.  The black & white kitten was already in there playing.  When I went out the back door, the orange kitten was lying dead a few feet from the back door.  Something had grabbed him around the chest/throat, and scraped most of the hair off of his chest, probably when he tried to fight free.  Still have no idea what it was doing this.

At that point, I grabbed that last kitten, and relocated him to the spare bedroom.  He's still there, though he seems to be wanting outside just a little bit recently.  Calleigh will come into the house and spent the night with him most evenings.  Once everyone is a bit bigger and stronger, I'll think about letting little Squeek outside again.

So something got four of Calleigh's five kittens.

Sorry to have to bring such bad news, but I thought you would want to know.