Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OK, Kitties. You Win.

The Food Source here.

It looks like I've adopted two more cats in spite of myself. One of them is sleeping in my mothers lap most afternoons, so I can't get rid of her. They are litter mates, and are almost always around each other, so I really hate to break up the set.

I may have to rent them out for rodent control to pay the food bills, but The Two Black Kitties are now 'my cats', whatever that might actually mean.

Which means I am going to have to find names for them, and I am pretty much drawing a blank. Most of the combinations I've been able to come up with have either been boy cat names, or I just didn't like them much. So I've decided to see what others thought, and put up a poll of the names I had thought of and kinda liked. Some information about the cats:

  • These kitties are probably litter mates, so I would like to have names somewhat related.
  • They are girl kitties, and are on the small side, at least compared to the rest of the Clowder.
  • They are coal black. If there is a gray hair any where on either of them, it is coming out and is about to fall off.

UPDATE: Corrected spelling error 'Crystal Gayle', not 'Cyrstal Gayle', should that matter to your choices.

NOTE: These are the results from when I closed the poll, on the odd chance anyone really cares.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purrring as hard as we can for them all

There was a FIVE ALARM fire at the build where Mama Laura, Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris live. That is about all we know about the situation.

More information at the Cat Blogosphere.

UPDATE: From the Cat Blogosphere
Laura JUST called! Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris were found hiding in the apartment by the fire folks going around checking and they’re alive!!! They were hiding and they’re scared to come out for strangers. They’re still there, and she can’t go in yet because it’s unsafe, but Animal Control is going to go in as soon as possible!!! Laura is picking up new carriers right now. The fire people said they’d be ok overnight if it had to be that long, but they’re going to try to get the in tonight if at all possible.