Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Senate candidate of few words

And the main word is MEOW:


Criz (of Criz Cat Sanctuary) is trying to dig up votes for the LASSie shelter in Langawi, Malaysia.

From Criz -
Please vote at http://sunsuperdreams.com.au/dream/view/help-care-for-abandoned-dogs-and-cats-in-langkawi and do check your email to confirm the vote or it won’t be counted as a vote. I appreciate your help on this matter. Thanks~ :)
We just thought we ought to spread the word another foot or two around the world.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Introducing Grace O'Malley

Third Black Kittie is now Grace O'Malley, at least, pending further developments.

Grace O'Malley was a 16th Century Irish noble, rebel, and all around hell raiser interesting character.  She was accused of piracy, although most of the stories make her sound more like a privateer or scavenger than an active against-all-flags pirate.  She was a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth I, and they even met one time.

Grace (the kittie) is still settling in.  She and Anne Bonny spend a lot of time yelling at each other, but so far whopping and chasing is minimal.  Mary Read seems not really to care if Grace is around or not.

The next project is going to have to be scrapping up the money to neuter the new kittie, if even I can.  Grace is almost certainly pregnant, and I'm not sure the Vet will even spay her in that condition.  The other option is to let her go, and trust Gracie knows enough to tend to the kittens, because I don't have a clue what to do if Grace ignores the kittens.

Hang on, things might start getting complicated around here.

As for the Gray Kittie sidekick, she is still around, and will let me rub her head and sometimes even stroke her back.  She will not, ever, come into the house.  She will follow Grace O'Malley toward the door, and just before Grace hops into the house, Gray Kittie looks up, sees me (or the house itself, maybe) and stops dead with her eyes big.  If we are still in this position once the weather gets nicer, I'm planning to prop the door open and leave the area.  Maybe that will get her in the house.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It looks like it is now official

It looks like Third Black Kittie has decided she lives here now.

A few hours ago, her Gray Kittie sidekick was outside, along with another gray kittie that has started coming around (or more likely, just started showing herself).  Third Black Kittie kinda hung around the door for a while, but finally went outside and started playing with the other kitties, and they all disappeared.  I figured that was the last I would see of them for a day or two.

But when I went down to turn off the outside light and lock the door just now, I checked to see if anyone was out there.  I flashed a light around a little, and Third Black Kittie came a RUNNING into the house.  She hustled inside and spent about ten minutes playing and cuddling with me.  So, it looks like now Third Black Kittie lives inside with me, and sometimes goes outside to play, like the rest of the Clowder.

The only things left are for her and the incumbent kitties to work out the new world order, and for the TBK and I to agree on a name more official than Third Black Kittie.  I've tried out a couple, but none of them seemed to interest her much.  (One problem is there weren't that many female pirates, so if we want to keep that pattern, the names are limited)

Also, my brother came home Saturday afternoon, to Hobo's great joy.  Dave tells me Hobo is not letting him out of his sight.