Thursday, July 25, 2013

Calleigh, the Calico mom

Do you remember Little Momma?  After she and the kittens Bobby & Little Dots parted way, she disappeared for a while.  Then Little Momma reappeared with another group of kittens.

Those kittens grew up over the winter, so we never got much chance to socialize them.  Momma had five kittens, and three of them are still hanging around pretty regular.  But there was only one of them that we could touch or cuddle with.

Yep, he's sitting on the Ham-Mick
We're calling him Horatio.  It is about fifty-fifty whether we decide to keep him, or find him a different, furrever home.  It depends mostly on whether we can or not.  More on him in another post.

On to what most of you are really interested in:


Little Momma seems to mostly have boy kittens for some reason.  The litter from last Fall had only one girl kitten.  Calleigh (she was a calico) would let us get close to her, but never, quite touch her.  But she kept sneaking into the utility room.  Eventually, we found out why.

She had sneaked in there to have her kittens, way in the back where no one could get to her.

Best guess is they are about 4-6 weeks old, maybe a bit older.  They are just starting to run around and climb up and down steps.  The one at the bottom of this photo is the kitten asleep on my arm in yesterdays photo.

A shot of the proud mom.  I tried to get her to look at the camera, but she seems to be a bit shy.

One last photo, all five of the kittens, on one of their first excursions outside.

More info in a day or two.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Details to follow

Yes, another kitten.
But this one still has his(?) mother with him.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Easy Sunday

Starring Billie White Shoes, hanging out in the cat tree.

Billy hangs out in the tree like this quite a bit.  I would think it would give him a sore neck, but it doesn't seem to bother him any.

And yes,he was sound asleep in those first two photos.
 WELL?  You woke me.  Now what?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Yeowwwww, banana

I was seeing a lot of dirt, or grass, or something showing up in the house, especially on one chair when there usually was a kittie asleep.  Finally I figured out what was going on.

Someone in the Clowder figured out that if you chew hard enough, right on the end of the banana, you can chew open the end and start playing directly with the catnip.

They still have another banana, plus a cigar and a rainbow, so they are not deprived, bit I suspect I'm going to have to start planning to order a few more shortly, especially if word gets out.

How well do things like silvervine (and there are a couple others) work?  Anyone with experience know?  A couple of the current crew are kind of lukewarm about catnip, and I thought about trying something else if I can find anything that look promising.