Saturday, June 22, 2013

Little Momma's kittens

Hi.  Didn't mean to take as long as I did to follow up with Little Momma and her kittens.  Sometimes life just kind of gets in the way of itself.

Little Momma had two kittens, an orange boy I started calling B.O.B (Big Orange Boy, Bobby for short), and a spotted brown tabby who wound up with the name Little Dots, mostly because I couldn't come up with anything else I liked.

They were about the same size/age as Billy White Shoes, and it took them all about ten minutes to decide playing together was FUN.  Every morning, when I would put out fresh water and food, the two kittens would be hanging out by the back door: "Can Billy come out and play?"  They would spend the day running around, playing together until evening, when Billy would come back inside for the night.  The other two would start toward the door, but wouldn't come inside.  Bobby would let me touch him, a little, but Little Dots never would let me get close.

Eventually, Little Momma decided they were old enough to be on their own, so she started chasing them away.  They stayed in the yard, hanging out with Billy, and eventually Bobby decided to 'sneak' (he thought) into the house.  I didn't eat him, so Little Dots moved into the house, too, though she never was a comfortable inside as Bobby.

Little Dots would never spend more than a day or two in the house, before wanting back outside.  It got to the point where Dots would come in at night, spend the night cuddling with me, and want back outside in the morning.  The  she'd disappear for a couple days.  One time, she just never came back.  I suspect she had someone else caring for her, since she was never that hungry when she did come back.  I hope she just moved in with them, someplace where she could be the only kittie.

Bobby is still here, and is still playing with Billy White Shoes and Grace O'Malley when the mood strikes him.

Early photos of Bobby, when he was first moving into the house.

Some of the few photos of Little Dots I have.