Friday, August 29, 2008

Tooth Report -- Another Update

The Food Source here again, with another update on Radcliff, Allie, and their teeth.

First off, they had to go to another vet for their dental work. The one they normally go to doesn't have some of the equipment needed.

Anyway, Radcliff had one tooth extracted. Allie did not have any teeth removed. They are both back home with me, are moving around the house, and generally seem none the worse for wear. Their normal vet was expecting several teeth removed from both, since apparently their teeth looked nasty.

Hopefully we will get some more information from the vet dentist at some point. If so, I'll forward any additional info to the group.

Thanks for the purrrs and purrayers. They helped.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tooth Report -- An Update

Dan, AKA The Food Source here, with a brief update.

It is about 7:00AM here, and Radcliff and Allie are currently on their way to the dentist/vet with one of the aides. Given the weird hours I'm currently working, I doubt I'll hear any news about them before about 3:00AM Friday morning. I'm expecting to pick them up Friday morning sometime.

FWIW, the aide was confidant everything would go fine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Requesting Some Purrrrrss

Hi, all. Ozzie here.

I'm gonna take over temporairly as spokescat for Radcliff, since he is not feeling very well.

He and Allie are both having teeth problems, and they (the teeth) are making it hard for them to eat. Plus they (the teeth) likely hurt like poop!

Anyway, they (Radcliff & Allie) are gonna have to go to the V*T Thursday morning to have their teeth worked on. The Food Source (all of us, actually) are just hoping they (Radcliff & Allie) handle Auntie Stedick OK. They (Radcliff & Allie) are both around 14 years old, and apparently Auntie Stedick is kinda hard on older kitties. (We all think that is kinda mean of Auntie, but we haven't found anything we can do about it)

I (all of us, actually) would appreciate any purrrrss or good thoughts you might be able to send our way tomorrow morning.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not The Mama Monday

To recognize him for all that he's done - rescuing strays, fostering, fundraising, donating, working so very hard with the CFHF and the CB, helping his local rescue organizations, and being the kind-hearted and wonderful guy that he is.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

For Sprout

Violette, Monty Q's Sprout, is gone.

There is more information on the Cat Blogosphere, but we do know Mom Robyn is carrying everyone's hugs to the family, if you want to add your own hugs, purrrrss, or memorial posts.

Sleep well, little Sprout.