Saturday, August 18, 2012

For Dave

Hi, everyone.

I just got word that my brother, Dave, has died.  Some of you might have met him and Hobo through Hobo's Tales.

I am going to be missing even more than usual for the next week or two.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kittenmonsteritus is spreading

Billy White Shoes is getting more like he is than he's ever been before. or something

He likes catching cicadas.  So far he's carried four or five of them into the house.  He chases them around for a while.  Eventually they quit making noise, then Billy gets bored and wanders off.  (if they're still alive at this point, I put them back outside)

He's unrolled two rolls of toilet paper.

He's decided it is kind of fun to take a running start and jump up on my back.  Sometimes, this is a first step to getting someplace else higher, sometimes he just hangs on for a while, then jumps down and runs off.

It looks like kitten-monster-itus is spreading.  A few minutes ago, Grace O'Malley hopped up on the table along side of me, and happily destroyed a roll of paper towels I keep around for general cleanup.

Someone, not sure who, caught a live chipmunk and left it in the middle of the living room floor.  I didn't know it was alive until I bent down to pick it up.  At that point, the chippy bounced back to live and ran under some furniture.  I never saw it again, so I can only hope it found its way back outside.

Billy, then and now, for comparison.  Maybe a little bit as a reminder.

Billy, about the second week here.

Billy, now.  Same hand, for comparison purposes.