Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purrrring for Neala

Purrring for Neala

Today the Cat Blogosphere is all purrrring for Neala. Neala is a Sphynx who is getting an operation Tuesday to fix up a burth defect she was borned with.

Check in with Neala's blog, Gotta Have Faith for background and (we're hoping) more or less up to the minute updates as Neala's V*T trip continues.


Added July 2: For anyone who sees this post, we've got some bad news. Neala made it through surgery fine, then started having problems. She went to The Bridge a couple days after her surgery. See Gotta Have Faith for more information or to leave comments.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi everyone. Something we found this morning, and thought you all might find interesting.

Oscar was a black kittie happily living on a farm, until he had a accident with a combine.

Now he is still running around, but he has titanium back legs.

So far, he seems to be doing well.

More information is available here, and probably a lot more places. If you are somewhere close to England, you may be able to see Oscar on a TV show called The Bionic Vet. It starts on Wednesday June 30, although you will have to track down what channel.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Purrrring for Maxie, and Iam's foods are messed up again

Hi. Allie here with a couple things.

First off, Maxie is having problems and is going into surgury this morning. He is gonna need all the purrrrsss and good thoughts he can get.

Feel free to use this image -- we grabbed it from the Cat Blogosphere in the first place.

And in a "where have we heard that before" moment, Iam's is recalling a bunch of stinky goodness. This time, supposedly, there is just not enough vatamum B (what ever that is) in the fod, so it looks like at this time it won't actually kill you to eat it. I guess that is progress, at least somewhat.

Check with the FDA or Proctor & Gamble for the details if you are getting Iam's foods.