Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Fear the Word is Getting Out

You know, it is bad enough when the human neighbors figure out that they can probably hand me the stray cat they find, and get me to take care of it.  But it is starting to look like the cat neighbors are starting to figure that out, too.

Sunday morning I was out refilling the supplies for the outside kitties, and I started hearing a kittie crying.  After I called out a few times, a little kitten came crawling out of one of the shelters I keep in the area, still crying for all he(?) was worth.  I looked around and couldn't see any momma cat, or even any more kittens.  He wouldn't let me catch him, so I finally left him go, rather than chase him totally out of his territory.  I left the back door open a crack, and figured he would come inside or not.

He came inside about half an hour later, and eventually found the food and water.  He set to like he hadn't seen food in a while, then hid himself away for a nap.

By Monday, he was starting to figure I wasn't going to eat him, and that cuddling with me might not be all that bad a thing after all.  Now, he is starting to turn into a lap cat, although he still hasn't been confident enough to take a nap in my lap.

I'm going to have to check around, and see if I've stolen someone's new kitten, or if he really is a feral kittie.

The current crew is not at all sure they approve, although reactions are mostly limited to grrrrrrsss and an occasional head thwopp.

Anne Bonney on the left

PS: Another, older kittie came by a couple times late Sunday and early Monday.   I've seen this cat around a few times, but she will not let me get close to her.  This kittie looks a little like the new kitten, and was crying and looking around Sunday evening when she first showed up, so that might well have been the momma cat.

I thought about showing the kitten to this cat, to see what happened.  But the kitten had hid himself away somewhere, so I just let things go as they were.  If that was the momma cat, I hope someday to be able to tell her that her kitten is safe and warm, and doing fine. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Dig out the jackets

How about this weather forecast?

The kitties and I will both mostly stay inside the next day or two, looks like.