Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poppy Vic

Victor Mathew Adamus
December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012
better known, at least in the Cat Blogosphere, as
Poppy Vic, of Zoolatry.

Not really how I was planning to get back to blogging, but I couldn't just ignore this.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bringing Hobo home with us

Hi.  Thanks for all the comments and condolences over Dave's passing.  I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact he left so suddenly, and so soon.

But I managed to move Hobo back to our home.  He is not real happy, but he has been around here before, and he seems to be adjusting.  This house has few internal doors, for some reason, so it is hard to have a room reserved as Base Camp for the integration.  I've put a partition blocking off one room, but Billy White Shoes has already proved he can climb that any time he really wants.  I suspect the rest of them could as well if they felt the urge.  So it looks like Hobo and the rest of the clowder might get merged together a bit quicker than I would prefer.

The first day, Hobo hissed at everyone who entered his room.  Now he pretty much ignores the kitties, and will let me rub his head and stroke his back.  So we are making progress.

Hobo, in his carrier on the way to his new (old) home

Hobo, hanging out on his cat tree, in Base Camp in his new home.