Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blog Blast for Anastasia

Please Come Home, Anastasia

Anastasia, of The Cat Realm, has been missing since Tuesday, August 21, early afternoon.

Skeezix said the rest as well as we could...

As most of yoo know, Anastasia has bin missing for 4 days. Altho we can't help put up flyers or look for her, I thot we cood have a blog blast promoting one minit of hopeful purrayer and purrs and pawsitive thinking to help bring her home safe.

PLEEZE POST THIS ON YER BLOG to enkerije all the cats we know to pawtisipate. Then tomorrow, take one minit owt of yer day at noon PDT, 3pm EDT to focus as much pawsitive energy you can toward Tucson, Arizona.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lifelong Friends Pet Adoptions

Especially for people in the Austin, Texas area.
Lifelong Friends Pet Adoptions (formerly Lago Vista PAWS), a true no-kill shelter for stray and abandoned dogs and cats, is in jeopardy of closing its doors. The shelter only has about a week's worth of operating funds left. Shelter volunteers have started a Save Our Shelter Campaign to raise funds so they can continue providing care for almost 400 animals. Donations for the SOS Campaign can be sent to Lifelong Friends, PO Box 4100, Lago Vista, TX 78645. To make an online donation, click on Network for Good at the bottom of this page.

We don't know much about this shelter, but it is legitimate enough a local TV station did a story on the problem.

From Itchmo, where else?

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cat Owner Files Legal Action Against FDA in Pet Food Deaths

You know, we really didn't intend to devote all our time on this blog to yelling "the sky is falling" and reporting terrible disasters that might kill someone's kitties. But sometimes we find something that really could use a bit more publicity, and while we likely don't add much, we feel we should add what we can. Anyway.....

Don Earl (of Pet Food Recall Facts) has gone to federal court to
force the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to “perform its duty” and investigate other toxins -- besides melamine -- as the culprit in this year’s massive pet food recall.
More information available here, here, and here.

Also, Nutro had trouble getting some 'food' into the country recently, if we are reading this document correctly.

Via Itchmo, an invaluable resource, even if it does focus more on D*GS.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Get Well Soonest, BabyBean

We're all purrring for Monty Q. Cat's BabyBean. BB was hurt when she pulled some soup off of the counter onto herself. She had to be airlifted to Children's Hospital.

Please send purrss and good wishes to BabyBean, MomBean, DadBean, and the rest of the family if you haven't already. Darling Millie seems to have the most up to date information on BabyBean.

Skeezix's is organizing a BlogBlast. Feel free to post the image, and add yourself to the Autolink at the Cat Blogosphere.

New Kittie Blog

One thing about wondering around on the web -- you keep finding things and have no earthly idea where, exactly, you were going when you found them.

Case in point. We just hit a new catblog, Meisha’s Meows. It looks like Meisha has just started blogging, and so far has few comments.

Check out the new kittie when you get a chance.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Fatal Infection Affecting Mississippi Cats

For any one with kitties in the Mississippi (USA) area.

Veterinarians at Mississippi State University are urging cat owners to practice effective tick control on their pets after the emergence of a parasitic blood infection they call a “death sentence.”

After examining the unexplained deaths of several cats in the state, the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Animal Health Center revealed that their death was due to an infection called cytauxzoonosis.

There's more information at Fatal Infection Affecting Mississippi Cats, and Fatal infection threatens Miss. cats.

Via Itchmo.

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