Saturday, June 25, 2011

For Luna - June, 1996 to June 23, 2011

For Luna


Amongst all the posts we've made, no one ever covered how Luna became part of the family.

In 1998 I decided I was ready for a new cat. At the time I was working long hours, often in an erratic schedule. So I decided that getting two kitties that were already buddies would work out best. That way, they could keep each other company when I was working. As it turned out, the shelter I was dealing with did not have any pairs. So I wound up picking two kitties of about the same size, age, and attitude, and hoping for the best. Those two turned out to be Radcliff & Allie.

There were several other kitties I considered, and I kept an eye on them as my two settled in and started ignoring each other. Over the next few months most of them found homes. Luna was the exception. I was in Petsmart most every weekend, and I would check with people from the shelter. Somehow, she was
always there. I'd play with her through the glass, and cuddle with her if the door to the area was open. Along the way, I found out that she had been taken home at least once, and then returned.

Eventually, I decided that Luna was fated to become my third cat, whether I really thought that was a good idea or not.

It soon became clear why she kept showing up in the shelter. She had a fairly serious urinary tract problems, that took a three vets several years to get a good handle on. When she was feeling poorly, she would get really cranky, swatting and snapping at any one who tried to pick her up or pet her.

Eventually, one vet got a little bit of a handle on her problems, and she started showing some of her true personally. Still a little cranky, but a sweet snuggler once she trusted you a bit.

More recently I spent a couple years taking care of my Mom. I spent most of one summer trimming trees, raking leaves, and generally giving the yard the first clean up in several years. Luna was my dedicated helper for most of that. I had to check before I dropped anything, especially if I was up on a ladder, because Luna was usually hanging out around the bottom. Whenever I took a break, Luna was usually right in my lap, or at least along side of me. If I managed to get out of the house without Luna noticing, it usually wasn't very long before Mom would be calling me to come get my baby.

More recently, Luna got to be something of a loner, finding some out of the way place to sleep until it was time to feed the kitties. Somehow, she always managed to show up to help with that, or at least to supervise while I opened the cans.

I'm telling you this now, because Luna left me for The Bridge sometime during Thursday night.