Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello, all, and thanks, lots, for all the comments and condolences. The Clowder and I intend to visit all of you in person, eventually, although it will likely take a while to get to all of you.

I got Radcliff's ashes the other day. Now he is next to Coco, who was The One Who Came Before. I lost her about a year before I got Radcliff and Allie.

The rest of the Clowder seems to know something is different, even though none of them had much to do with Radcliff, nor him with any of them. They seem to be cuddling and grooming a bit more than they used to.

PS: To whomever make that picture of Radcliff, thanks for the effort, and I hope you don't mind me appropriating it for mine and the Clowder's use.