Friday, August 27, 2010

Butch and Sundance need a new home

The Food Source here, trying to help a couple more kitties who could use a break.

From inkandchocolate's Journal site

I can't keep my kitties any longer. For many long and complex reasons, there is no way we can continue to keep our boys in the house. I can't take them to the SPCA as they are too old for the SPCA to keep around even though they are gorgeous, sweet and wonderful kitties. Butch and Sundance are brothers, neutered and litter box trained. They are wonderfully affectionate and love people, petting and cuddling.
They are brothers, and I have had them since they were born. Some of you might even remember when they were born in 2003, back in the day when I was under the old LJ name and I posted about the event. 
I need someone to take my boys, someone who will love them and keep them together. I am willing to drive pretty far to deliver them to you or to someone you know who will love them and care for them.
Will you help me spread the word? I will have them checked out by their vet and given any shots they are due for and a clean bill of health to whoever takes them in.
Butch and Sundance.

The cats live in Pennsylvania, south of Philadelphia.  They are about eight years old, and as you can see, are gorgeous.

If you know of anyone who can help them, please contact me, or inkandchocolate directly.

NOTE: Getting into her journal to contact her is something of a hassle, unfortunately.  She writes and posts a lot of fan flick, and apparently some of it is a bit racy.  So you might see a button asking "Are you over 14 years old" (or something similar).  Just hit the button and keep going -- this post at least is rated G.

If you want to contact her, I think you will have to either set up a Live Journal account, or use an OpenID account to access Live Journal.  Supposedly, all Blogger accounts also are OpenID accounts, but I've never tried that myself, so you results may vary.

She does respond to posts on her journal and to messages sent via the Send Message , but sometimes it takes a day or two to hear from her.  So don't panic if you don't hear from her for a while.


Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Any idea how they are around other cats?

The Big Thing

Anonymous said...

So sad...