Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are we OK?

Radcliff meows:

Hi, Kelly Cat. We all appreciate your concern.

Are we OK? Sorta depends. See this?

You don't remember any of us mentioning any black cats before, do you?

That's because these two interlopers just moved in a few weeks ago. The Food Source SAYS he's trying to find them homes, or at least a foster home, but he said that about Ozzie over a year ago, and he's still here.

It is getting to the point where The Food Source spends all his time tending to and worrying about those strays and ferals living across the street, and ignoring the kitties he already has in his home.

(Food Source here. I really am trying to find these kitties another home, but I thought I ought to post some signs and wait a bit, in case they wandered away from home, rather than being dumped. They're great cats, but I really don't need, and
really can't afford, six cats. Even if I really like black cats.)

Radcliff again:

Yeah, right. We'll see.

To TT - We are still planning on doing our Box of Life meme you tagged us for, but we wanted to think about it a bit.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

We are glad that you are mostly okay -- except for the extra cats!

Anonymous said...

All us Good Cats are glad to hear you're all OK. Also we're glad to hear that two kitties are being helped who might otherwise be struggling to get by.

It's kind of the price you have to pay, Radcliff. You get a human who loves cats, and you're going to have it made, anything they can do for you, they will. But it also means they're going to try to help any cat they can. Patience...

Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernies Voice said...

Thank you for your visit and kind words. It ment so much to us. We love your family of kitties...

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Whew, I's thoughts something happeneds and you kittys forgots about the blogosphere. I am happys to know that you's are okay even thoughs you have a few more extra kittys to share your beans love with.

Boy said...

yay! You guys are back! Those bwack cats wook cool!

Parker said...

I'm glad you are OK. And I applaud your Food Source for taking care of the kitties!

Munchie said...

I thougth I would come and see your site. I begged for food and it didnt work, so I am bored and thought i would come looksie. I need to go back up to my heater vent to warm up. its cold here!

Karl and Ruis said...

Your food source is just a really good human!!!
Why don't you ALL come over and watch "The Santa Caper"?
It'll be fun!
Karl and Ruis

Munchie said...


You get more food now right?

tell me you get more food for the trubls you have to put up with.

Wait, you dont have to share your sleeping spots do you?

How about your toys?

I would chase them away, Mum is all mine...