Friday, July 12, 2013

Yeowwwww, banana

I was seeing a lot of dirt, or grass, or something showing up in the house, especially on one chair when there usually was a kittie asleep.  Finally I figured out what was going on.

Someone in the Clowder figured out that if you chew hard enough, right on the end of the banana, you can chew open the end and start playing directly with the catnip.

They still have another banana, plus a cigar and a rainbow, so they are not deprived, bit I suspect I'm going to have to start planning to order a few more shortly, especially if word gets out.

How well do things like silvervine (and there are a couple others) work?  Anyone with experience know?  A couple of the current crew are kind of lukewarm about catnip, and I thought about trying something else if I can find anything that look promising.


Cats Herd You said...

Banana down! Banana down!

We haven't tried silvervine, so we'll be interested to see what kind of responses you get in comments about it.

Crafting Queen said...

clever kitty!

Safe Haven Hotel said...

Why those sneaky little devils! I have some catnip in a container in a cupboard and my one cat Silly actually stalks me for it! I figured putting it there would keep it intact (he tries to chew the container when I get it out), but no way - he's having none of it! *L*

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

wow! you have some major chewers over there!
I know a bunch of the blogging crowd uses (or has used) silverine. I haven't, I was nervous about it but everyone seems to love it

Hilary said...

looks like someone enjoyed that banana!

Annie Bear said...

Wow. That's a well-loved nip nanner! In my experience, some kitties love nip and some are just so-so or lukewarm like you said. Se love valarian and some could care less. Annie likes silvervine and I've heard some kitties go crazy for it. I guess it's to each his own. Maybe try silvervine.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

The Crew tried silvervine and really liked it. I have a stick of it, and it randomly shows up from time to time, which to me indicates they really like it

Rene said...

Oh my, what a tragedy!

Everycat said...

Poor nana.

We haven't tried Silvervine, but we have tried Root Herb Valerian. We love it. The apes, not so much as it smells like what comes out of feline anal glands (yummy)

It has to be kept in treble bagged in a click lock Tupperware container and we STILL go mad if the cupboard door is left open.

Really, it's a smell only a cat could love

Gerry & Mungo