Friday, March 23, 2012

Still hanging in there

Vital Statistics: I measured around 7 ounces (200 grams) for the kitten today.  I tried putting a little box on the scale, and adjusting the scale to register zero with the box on there.  Nice idea, but with the kitten in the box, the box kept bouncing around on the scale, so it wasn't any easier to read.

I am wondering how old this kitten really is.  His eyes are still closed, and he STILL has that little piece of umbilical cord attached to his tummy.  But he is starting to walk (or stagger) around, which is supposed to be something a week old kitten shouldn't be doing.

In other news, his toenails are growing in, and he can climb my shirt without any trouble.  I think he is starting to purrr when I cuddle with him after feeding him.

For your pleasure, a quick video of the kitten, crawling around in my lap from a couple days ago.  This was taken with an older camera with limited video capabilities, so it is not very clear, but I thought you might enjoy it.



If you can try keeping him in a sling. Have you spoken with a vet? I have left further comments on your post posting re kitten. Wish you the very best of luck!!!


Just another thought, maybe you have an analog clock to put under the blanket where kitten sleeps? We used to do this for our dog when she was a puppy. the Ticking (make sure you have not accidently set the alarm) of the clock reminded the puppy of its mum's heart.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...


my current set hit 7 oz on day 10, eyes just starting to open.. at 2 weeks they were practicing standing up on their legs, prior to that they would "swim" to get around.. they wiggle around and look a bit like they are walking.. from 2-3 weeks they work on getting their belly up off the floor but they often walk around looking like they are drunk - very wobbly and fall down often. Claws start to retract after three weeks (prior to that they don't have control)

But these are all 'rules of thumb'. I've had kitten open their eyes on day two, I've had some not open for weeks.. as long as s/he is eating and active and gaining weight, then I wouldn't stress too much over anything else.. well except sneezing or goopy noses.. which you don't have..

Random Felines said...

I agree - it all seems to differ depending on the group.... Silver's eyes are just opening and he is starting to do the army crawl over the blankets (and over Marble). The best you can do it hang in there and keep feeding. I know some people stress about weights - with Silver (and with Bug), I was more concerned about does the kitten act healthy - eating, peeing, getting around. They should be getting bigger but I don't get hung up on the number so much.

Hilary said...

OMG.. that kitten is so lucky to have you.. I just read all the posts. I don't know what to say... I have never seen a kitten that small, and so cute. Please give him a kiss for me...