Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Made it through the night, anyway

First, the good news -- the kitten made it through the night.

He is drinking, peeing, and pooping, so we know the plumbing is all connected OK.

I think he is a boy, but I am not sure.  Kittens this young are hard to tell sometimes, especially since I am not an expert on that sort of thing.

He weighs about 5-1/2 ounces (156 grams), and gained most of a half an ounce from yesterday.

I guess he is a week or two old, although that is a total guess.  He looks like the pictures of two week old kittens.  But his eyes are not open yet, and he still has part of the umbilical cord attache, both of which imply he is a week old or less.

Most of the time, I wake him up for feeding time, so I am not sure if I should let him sleep or not.

In a nutshell, the kitten is still hanging in there, and I guess we'll all just keep playing things by ear.

In other news, Grace O'Malley is in heat, and is starting to get a little desperate.  I'm trying to keep her inside.  With luck, I'll be able to take her to the VET in a week or so to get her spayed.

Anne Bonny & Mary Read are sleeping somewhere, like always.  Either they are a lot older than I thought they were, or they never learned to play.


Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

It isn't unwise to wake him up to feed, but there is no reason why you couldn't let him sleep sometimes specially if you want a break. I just wouldn't let it go too long as you might risk hypoglycemia. So great that he is gaining weight!!

Cords fall off around day three sometimes as late as day five. You might just have a really big kitten on your hands.

The way I sex kittens, if there is fur between the anus and the gentile opening, then you have a boy. No fur, a girl.

Random Felines said...

don't worry about gender - mom thought our bottle baby Bug was a boy....until she discovered Bug was a girl. :)

The first week we had Bug, mom woke up more often than Bug did. (Bug's eyes were open when we found her, so she was a little older.) We suggest trying it, but mom discovered that Bug wouldn't eat much when she was rudely awakened. And after the first few days, mom settled in and learned that she would hear the baby SCREAM when she got hungry.

Good luck - and you can email us too if you have questions.... randomfelines at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

Helo. You left a coment on my blog catlovershome.blogspot.com awile back refering me to catblogsphere. I went to the site but did not see a way to get my post on there. Do you know how?


P.S I did not get them to pose that way I just like to take pictures ( I like photagraphy) of them and then one day I desided to make a commic. I also made a blog yesterday with some of my photaagraphy on it http://photagraphybybrittany.blogspot.com/



Oui Oui said...

I am really glad to hear the kitten is gaining weight. And peeing and pooping. I wonder if it hadn't eaten in a while so it was "light"? Good luck to you all!

Katie Isabella said...

You are a good kitty mommy. xoxoxo