Thursday, January 19, 2012

Updating everyone on everything, more or less

Just updating on everything.

First off, my brother Dave is out of Intensive Care, and gaining on whatever it was put him there in the first place.  If the doctors know what it was, no one has thought it necessary to bother to tell me.  Purrrrss and purrrrayers were appreciated.

On the stray kittie front, Third Black Kittie spent a couple days inside, and spent most of one of them exploring the house.  Anne Bonny was a little upset by that, but restricted her complaints to meowing from across the room, and avoiding me.  Mary Read probably noticed TBK, but didn't think she was anything worth bothering over.

The Gray Kittie came a little further into the house, but will only come inside if I am away from the door, and preferably out of the room.  As soon as she sees me, she heads for the door, and if I come anywhere close GK runs outside and away.  She is getting braver, but she still doesn't trust me, even when TBK is cuddling in my arms.

TBK is torn.  She likes it inside, where it is warm and there is food all the time, but she REALLY wants to hang out with GK, too.  After a few days, she went back outside, most likely looking for her GK buddy.


Mr Puddy said...

I send lots of purrs to your brother Dave. Plus many hugs to you

The grey kittie may take a time to get close to you, even me ! The door is always be the love spot to go ; )

The Island Cats said...

It sounds like you are making some progress with the gray kitty.

And we're purring for your brother and hope he continues to improve.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

So glad to hear your brother is better. Sounds like progress on the feral kitteh front, too. Concats. Purrs and headbutts

The Chair Speaks said...

Sending lots of purrs to brother Dave.

The Chair Speaks said...

Thank you for sending purrs to Cinders. She's almost 18, fragile but a real fighter.
Thanks for the headbonk to Kenggy. Surprisingly she's never whacked Cinders but have hit others with her stubs like a human as she usually stands up to do it! Real cute!

John Bellen said...

It's good to read of the progress of your brother. We'll be thinking of him.

Katie Isabella said...

I send all my purrs to Dave and I will keep purring for him. xoxoxox

Mr. Hendrix said...

purrrrrrrrrrrs the your brother Dave gets all better soon and they find out what it was.

I hope that you get both kitties inside soon. It is hard to get them to trust people for sure. purrrrrrrs

Good for you to keep trying! I know you'll get them all in soon.

Mr. Hendrix said...

PS Thanks for all the purrs and prayers for Mason. They worked! He totally got a miracle and is home safe and sound.