Friday, March 21, 2008

sneaking onto the computer

hi.  we're the two little black kitties.  we just sneaked onto the computer.  not sure how long we're gonna be able to talk.  dad doesn't know the internet connection is working, again, for the moment, anyway.

yeah.  we've started calling him dad.  he took care of us when we were out in the yard freezing our tails off.  he's feeding us the same thing the rest of the family gets.  we sleep in the house, and he greets us when he comes home same as he greets the rest of the family.  he's dad.

he still says he's trying to find us another home, but we think his mother wants to keep us.  one time someone called for information about the 'free cats' (us! free cats! indeed!), and she said "she didn't know anything about that", and hung up on the guy.

so we've been cuddling up with them, sleeping with them at night, and generally trying to convince them both that they really, really need two more cats in the house.

wish us luck! 


Parker said...

HeeHee! Nice work guys, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Since you are able to sneak onto the Internet, what are the chances you can sneak onto your 'Dads' desk, and get someone to take a photo of you two?
It doesn't matter what you are doing on the desk, just as long as you are on the desk when the photo is taken.

Then once you have the photo, you'll have to sneak onto the internet again, and sent it to a website called 'Cat on my desk' or email it tocatonmydesk@gmail.com or visit my submissions page.

Oh BTW, if your 'Dad' has a website, why not let us know what it is, so we can link back to it. Also include your names, breed, and any newsworthy information and I promise to put it all on the web site.


COMD - The Purrfect desk accessory.

4 Boys and a Lady said...

Oh, you two black kitties! Good for you! Do you have names now? You are probably feeling right at home there and don't want to move anywhere else. :)

Wrigley, Cobalt, & Penelope said...

Good job you two!!

Unknown said...

oh you sneaky little kitties! sounds like your mom is keeping you. my human keeps anything she finds. she just can't help it. ozzie sure is handsome. i love the stripes!