Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Couple Nice Days

We've had our first nice weather of the year. Two days with temperatures in the mid 70's F (mid 20's, C), clear and sunny. We had the windows open most of both days.

The girls spent the most of the day looking out and sleeping in the window. We have several windows, but for some reason they both insist on using the same one. There is room for both kitties, but they refuse to share the window sill.

Allie, looking out the window

Luna started out looking out the window,
then decided to take a nap.

This is what I had to deal with when I decided to post something about the nice day:


Tomorrow is supposed to be back into the mid 40's F (single digits, C), with a 50% chance of rain. This would be a lot more tolerable without the nice days.

(NOTE: These pictures can be biggified, should anyone want to)


Anonymous said...

We've actually had a few warm, sunny, pleasant days - so I decided to give the grass its first mow. Hard work. But believe it or not, I actually got sunburnt on the back of my neck. In England. In March!!! They forecast some snow for Monday!!
Cats have the right ideas, though, don't they ....

Boy said...

I think they're twying to help the compoooter function better.
We cats are such important beings aren't we?