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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bringing Hobo home with us

Hi.  Thanks for all the comments and condolences over Dave's passing.  I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact he left so suddenly, and so soon.

But I managed to move Hobo back to our home.  He is not real happy, but he has been around here before, and he seems to be adjusting.  This house has few internal doors, for some reason, so it is hard to have a room reserved as Base Camp for the integration.  I've put a partition blocking off one room, but Billy White Shoes has already proved he can climb that any time he really wants.  I suspect the rest of them could as well if they felt the urge.  So it looks like Hobo and the rest of the clowder might get merged together a bit quicker than I would prefer.

The first day, Hobo hissed at everyone who entered his room.  Now he pretty much ignores the kitties, and will let me rub his head and stroke his back.  So we are making progress.

Hobo, in his carrier on the way to his new (old) home

Hobo, hanging out on his cat tree, in Base Camp in his new home.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

For Dave

Hi, everyone.

I just got word that my brother, Dave, has died.  Some of you might have met him and Hobo through Hobo's Tales.

I am going to be missing even more than usual for the next week or two.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It looks like it is now official

It looks like Third Black Kittie has decided she lives here now.

A few hours ago, her Gray Kittie sidekick was outside, along with another gray kittie that has started coming around (or more likely, just started showing herself).  Third Black Kittie kinda hung around the door for a while, but finally went outside and started playing with the other kitties, and they all disappeared.  I figured that was the last I would see of them for a day or two.

But when I went down to turn off the outside light and lock the door just now, I checked to see if anyone was out there.  I flashed a light around a little, and Third Black Kittie came a RUNNING into the house.  She hustled inside and spent about ten minutes playing and cuddling with me.  So, it looks like now Third Black Kittie lives inside with me, and sometimes goes outside to play, like the rest of the Clowder.

The only things left are for her and the incumbent kitties to work out the new world order, and for the TBK and I to agree on a name more official than Third Black Kittie.  I've tried out a couple, but none of them seemed to interest her much.  (One problem is there weren't that many female pirates, so if we want to keep that pattern, the names are limited)

Also, my brother came home Saturday afternoon, to Hobo's great joy.  Dave tells me Hobo is not letting him out of his sight.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Could use some purrrrrss

Hi, all.  Pirate Girls Dad here.

My brother has been in the hospital since Friday, and he could probably use a few purrrrrrrss or purrrrrayers.  Some of you might know him through Hobo's Tales.

A few kind thoughts would be welcome.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some good news

Maybe it is just us, but there seems to be a whole lot of bad news going around the Cat Blogosphere these days. Sick kitties, sick beans, kitties going to the Bridge.

So we're glad can contribute some good news, both for us and for a stray orange kittie.

Hobo (see picture) has a new furrever home, and so far he is taking over like he owns the place. That is the good news for him. His new home is about eighty miles away. That is the good news for us.

The story.

A month or two ago The Food Source met a friendly orange kittie at the V*T's office. He kept trying to get INTO the V*T office, so it was pretty clear he was homeless, and probably either desperate, confused, or really, really dumb! Anyway, The Food Source played with him a little, and the next time he looked out, the orange kittie was sitting in the yard outside his door.

The Food Source kept playing with him, and feeding him, and after a week or so The Food Source was able to coax this intruder into our house. Bad move, kittie!

A quick trip to the V*T, a quick snip, and this interloper was living in the utility room under the name 'Hobo'. Worse move, kittie!

We all made it clear this was not acceptable.

So this past Saturday The Food Source stuffed the interloper into a Prisoner Transport Unit and moved him to his new home, with The Food Source's brother.

The word is he is settling in fine, and already giving orders. Good move, kittie.